What Do You Say About Others When They’re Absent?

It’s so easy to criticize, to find fault, to tear others down – in large and small ways. How often do groups of employees go out after work and complain about the boss, or about other employees? This kind of activity is widespread. For some reason it feels good. But it certainly cannot be characterized as constructive. It increases negativity in the organization and hurts the people being discussed. This kind of behavior is most certainly not harmless. It does not reflect well on those who engage in it. There’s a reason people would not want their remarks shared with the targets, or with anyone else for that matter.

By the way, have you thought about what happens when you’re not present? Bulletin: you’re not in some special category that makes you immune. How much time would you like them to spend tearing you down?

I invite you to join me. Let’s quit doing this, and let’s quit condoning it. We’ll all grow in the process.

Thanks for reading. As always, I’m interested in your comments.

Larry Sternberg

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